February 23, 2012


Writer Puts Bounty on Chris Brown

Scott Gries
Scott Gries

Just days after the arrival of his much-derided collabo with his ex Rihanna, the Chris Brown backlash continues in full force. Now a writer online is offering $1,000 to the first person to beat up Breezy. Really.

Here’s an excerpt from the screed written by blogger Kevin Seccia:

“Chris Brown is a horrible human being. This is something we should all agree on. [He] brutally assaulted and threatened to kill a woman. He does not even pretend to be sorry for that fact and shows almost no awareness of what he's done. For this crime he got probation. He did not deserve a second chance but he somehow got one.”

Seccia goes onto scold the GRAMMYs for “sending a clear message to society, abused women and young girls everywhere that, ‘Hey, this kind of thing happens, sorry ladies. There is money to be made by a shitty organization. You understand, right?’ GRAMMY Awards, there is blood on your hands.”

He then explains his bounty: “Beating [Brown] up means at least two solid punches. He looks like the kind of guy you could easily drop with one clean shot, so if he crumples immediately and your next punches misses, don’t worry, it still counts. This is NOT MURDER, it’s an ass-kicking. Just hit him. I’ve had my ass kicked before, as I’m sure some of you have. It’s not the worst thing in the world to lose a fair fight. Sometimes there’s even something to be learned afterwards.”

He adds, “I do not advocate committing random acts of violence … but surely we can make an exception in the case of a man who hits a woman, right? After all, isn’t that what we do when it comes to Chris Brown, we make exceptions and put aside what’s right so that someone can make some money, right? That’s all I’m doing here.”

Who wants a $1,000? I’m sure millions are wondering where Mr. Brown is right about now…

In related news, there’s another person who’d like to beat up Brown, and that’s WWE wrestler CM Punk. The two engaged in a Twitter battle, then Punk directed this video message at Brown, challenging him in the ring. Let the battle begin!