February 16, 2012


Bow Wow Talks Being “Underrated” and Touring With Chris Brown

Bow Wow stopped by Fuse’s studio to talk with Esteban about being Underrated, (coincidentally the name of his upcoming album), as well as joining Chris Brown’s tour last fall. 

“Every album, no matter [how many] platinum albums or number one hits, I’ve always been doubted,” says the 24-year-old rapper. 

That’s why he chose it for the name of his next LP, even though, as he points out, he’s been burning up arenas since age 13. But Bow Wow sees an upside to under-appreciation in today's world. “We’re in an era when not winning is cool, accolades aren’t cool anymore.”

He recently hit the stage with R&B headliner and close friend Chris Brown. “Our fans, they know the chemistry, the friendship, the history we have with one another. People can definitely accept something that is genuine and natural. And that’s what we got as brothers, we’re just natural.”

To hear more about his thoughts on Chris Brown and his studio collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, check out Fuse’s interview with Bow Wow above.