February 6, 2012


Cody Simpson Talks Hitting the Studio with Justin Bieber

“Some people like to box things up and think, ‘Okay, this kid, he’s a 15-year-old singer, and he has nice hair and he’s a teenager so he must be the next Justin Bieber,’” says Australian YouTube sensation turned star-in-waiting Cody Simpson. “You can think that, but honestly, that’s not what I want to be.”

That may be so, but it didn’t stop the flaxen-haired, blue-eyed singer from joining Justin Bieber himself in the studio to work on an upcoming collaboration. 

“We got in the studio a few times to just start vibing on music and played each other a bunch of stuff that we’d been working on,” Simpson says of his time with the Alpha Teen Idol. “We have some amazing ideas so far and I can’t wait to get at least one or two of them out in the open.”

It wasn’t all work, though, when the two got together. “A lot of the time we were in the studio we were just playing ping pong and messing around,” Simpson admitted. “We’re both still kids, we’re gonna grow up when we’re gonna grow up.” 

As for who proved to be the ping pong Übermensch, it seems that Justin was unbeatable, though Simpson was sure to add, “I hadn’t played in a while."

In spite of his table tennis humiliation, Cody sounds like he's getting pretty tight with the Bieb. “With Justin and I, it’s all really family: There’s no tension or animosity between us. We have the same manager. It’s all really just family and I can’t wait for the world to just notice that.” 

To hear more about when Cody Met Justin—and to hear the 15-year-old singer’s impersonation of his teen pop elder, which naturally involves the word “swag” a lot of times—watch the video above.