February 22, 2012


Coldplay: "No Competition for BRIT Award"

Dave Hogan
Dave Hogan

Last night at the BRIT Awards winners' press conference, Coldplay's Chris Martin took the opportunity to be a sore winner. After being asked "what it meant to win the BRIT Award for Best Group," Martin sarcastically replied, "Oh, everything." Obviously Coldplay have been winning awards upon awards for the past decade (their first GRAMMY came in 2002), so he'll probably just chuck the little statue in the garage.

Martin continued, contemptuously, "All we want to do now is release a fragrance, open a few restaurants, and open a theme park, JLS-style." JLS is a British boy band who gained fame on a UK reality show (they don't seem to have turned down many cross-promotional opportunities).

Martin then went on to say that Coldplay only won Best British Group because there's basically no competition: "To be honest, most British bands have split up. Blur have gone, Pulp have gone, Take That are on holiday -- we're the only British band left on the [field]." Damn, Chris Martin, that's cold.