February 22, 2012


Crystal Castles Strike a Pose in New Video

Three things are apparent after watching the new video collaboration between indie duo Crystal Castles and the fashion magazine Vs

1) Wow, singer Alice Glass sure has some Jagger lips.
2) Gothy Tim Burton bridal veils must be "in" this season.
3) Fashion shoots produce purdy pictures of purdy girls, but boy, they sure are dull to watch.

The video for Crystal Castles’ icy, detached song “Suffocation” is directed by Ethan Kath, the other half of the Canadian band as cold as their hometown of Toronto.

Filmed in collaboration with the luxury fashion mag, the video is primarily a fashion shoot with Alice Glass, finding the electro chanteuse looking cool in haute couture. It’s well-directed, yes, but your enjoyment level will depend upon how much you enjoy watching someone pout their lips and look utterly disinterested in the world around them for three minutes.

So, yes, Glass succeeds in doing what models do best.

For you peeping toms out there, you can skip ahead to 1:17 to see Glass break out of her clothes and into her skivvies. But yes, you are a perv.