February 13, 2012


Dave Grohl Busts In On My Morning Jacket's Interview

Just as My Morning Jacket were talking about the “over-stimulating” atmosphere of the Grammys, Dave Grohl proved their point by unexpectedly popping in on their interview. 

Foo Fighters' frontman talked to Fuse about how his band’s latest album Wasting Light was recorded in a garage. He opined that when you, “Don’t worry about making records that win GRAMMYs, those are the ones that win ‘em.” He had a point: Wasting Light has already won Best Rock Album of the Year in addition to three other GRAMMYs. 

Grohl also opened up about the unexpected loss of Whitney Houston, a talent he says was simply put, “the real deal.” When he caught the news about her on TV, Grohl says he “couldn’t believe it was real. I’m a rock and roller, I’m a punk rock dude, but it shocked me.”

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