February 9, 2012


Earl Sweatshirt Is Back!

After months of speculation, online rumors and false confirmations, Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt has resurfaced in Los Angeles and released a new track appropriately titled "Home." This is excellent news.

While Odd Future was out touring the world, releasing countless albums and mixtapes and becoming the most talked about group on the Internet, Earl was languishing in a Samoan reform school shielded from the press. (Last April, Complex solved the Agatha Christie-esque mystery of Earl's whereabouts in one of the finest bits of music journo detective work.)

The silence was broken last night, as the 17-year-old rapper started his own Twitter page with the single word "Home" before offering a free track if he reached 50,000 followers. Having hit his goal around 11 p.m. ET, fans rushed to terttlefer.com, a site registered only yesterday, to hear "Home," a two-minute hook-less track featuring Earl over a spacey, jazz-inflected beat by producer James Pants. The rapper retains his tongue-twisting, multisyllabic style and ends the track with "And. I'mmmm. Back. Bye." Nice.

We still don't know if Earl is officially back in the group or will travel with Odd Future, whose tour begins next month in Tempe, AZ. But for now, we don't really care. Welcome home, man.

Earl Sweatshirt - "Home"