February 14, 2012


Fitz & the Tantrums' Retro New Video

Alicia Rose
Alicia Rose

Fitz and the Tantrums' retro soul has always felt not of this time; an anachronistic time capsule dug up from a bygone era where everyone danced instead of walked and even the worst heartache had a groove to it. The group culls a library's worth of source footage for their new video for "L.O.V.," appropriately released on Valentine's Day, in the best choreographed mash-up you'll see all year.

James Brown, Bob Hope, Busby Berkeley, Bollywood and various B-movies all get spliced up alongside archival footage of Flower Children (because Fitzie is all about love). It's a nice bit of nostalgia alongside a killer song. And feel free to use the below to soundtrack your perfect Valentine's Day night. You're welcome.

Fitz & the Tantrums - "L.O.V."