February 23, 2012


Fleet Foxes Singer Gets Painfully Real on Breakup Song

Kristian Dowling
Kristian Dowling

When you hear about a musician Tweeting his breakup and then deleting it immediately, your mind probably doesn’t conjure up the image of the scruffy-faced lead singer of Fleet Foxes.

But Robin Pecknold, who apparently just broke up with his longtime girlfriend, joined the ranks of rash celebrity Tweeters today. 

Even though the Tweets have been taken down, he has released an even more revealing demo of a song called, “Olivia, In a Separate Bed.”

Sounding like a lonely Paul Simon tune circa Bookends or Loudon Wainwright’s “Motel Blues,” this song is clearly about his current heartbreak. It’s beautiful but painful to listen to, especially if you sympathize with the sentiment.

"I chose the love of strangers/I chose the fickle crowd,” Pecknold sings. “And the woman I wagered/Won’t look at me right now.”

Later on in the five-minute tune he adds, “Olivia I still love you/and I know I will ‘til I die.”

Listen to it below and tell us what you think. 

UPDATE: The track has been taken down from SoundCloud, so perhaps Pecknold slept on it and decided not to get so personal with the world.