February 9, 2012


Why Does Flo Rida Have the Best Life?

Fuse host and Floridian rapper Flo Rida dropped the new video for his single "Wild Ones," featuring Australian chanteuse Sia, this afternoon. The song is unbelievably catchy and will make you feel amazing when (and right after) you watch it. Here is an incomplete list of things Flo Rida does in the 4-minute video, which may account for why he seems to have the best life:

1. Skydiving in Dubai
2. Airboat riding on a bayou surrounded by tall grasses
3. Driving a fancy car down a city street at night
4. Popping bottles in a club
5. Riding a motorcycle
6. Dancing with an attractive woman in front of a fountain
7. Riding a dune buggy around a dusty field
8. Raising the roof
9. Initiating a drag race
10. Drinking champagne
11. Jetskiing on what looks like an inflatable jetski/raft thing

It'd be cool to see Sia do all of these things, but maybe she'll recreate them in a remix video. Anyway, just watch it. You'll be so glad you did.

Want more Flo Rida? He'll be hosting Fuse & Maxim's Top 100 Sexy Beats, premiering Monday at 8PM/7C on Fuse.