February 3, 2012


Foo Fighter Dave Grohl’s 10 Funniest Moments

Astrid Stawiarz
Astrid Stawiarz

They call him the “nicest guy in rock,” but Dave Grohl is also one of its funniest. Dude is a jackass prankster and his lighthearted humor has been a part of his public persona since his Nirvana days. It’s only fitting, then, that Grohl is teaming with comedian Dana Gould to create a new TV series for FX, which, according to Deadline, is based on a troubled rock band on the verge of mega-stardom that seeks professional help to avoid breaking up. In light of the news, I compiled a list of Grohl’s 10 funniest moments, from a hilarious interview alongside his old buddy Kurt Cobain to the Foo Fighters’ deep collection of gut-busting music videos. Dig it.

Here’s an early interview with Nirvana, in which Grohl gives his young fans some career advice: “Peddle the ass that god gave you. And buy nitrous.”

When Grohl introduced his new band Foo Fighters to the world with their first video for their first single, “Big Me,” he set a comedic tone with a spoof on the Mentos commercial. “Footos—the fresh fighter!”

The video for “Walk,” the monster ballad from the Foo's new album Wasting Light, shows Grohl playing a working stiff who snaps from the stress of daily life. Then he runs someone over with a golf cart.

In this North American tour promo, Grohl and his band dress up like truckers, then… hit the showers for a totally homoerotic soap session.

Grohl, who drinks so much coffee that he once went to the hospital due to heart palpitations, chronicles his addiction in this hilarious “Fresh Pots” clip. He seems, um, a little wound up.

In this joke-y video, Grohl sits down to discuss why he’s “suing” the Scissor Sisters for $75 million after seeing one of their shows: “Jake Shears was singing, then he took off his clothes. I saw his testicles!!!”

Grohl and Will Ferrell duet on the Stevie Nicks’ acoustic jam “Leather and Lace,” pumping up its sexually suggestive lyrics.

Grohl plays a heartthrob soap opera star in this hilarious, ‘70s-era tragedy for the song "Long Road to Ruin." Nice 'stache, dude.

It’s a simple treatment for the "Low" video: Grohl and his buddy Jack Black dress up as backwoods, trucker cap-sporting bros, rent a hotel room, turn the camera on and get totally wasted drunk.

Tour riders are a prime venue for wisecracks or ridiculous demands, but this is takes the cake: a section of the Foo Fighters’ absurdist 52-page 2011 tour rider is called “Field Guide To Food Coloring Book And Activity Pages,” which reportedly opens with a drawing of Grohl shredding with a fork and knife in his hand. There’s a word hunt involved, as well as a disquisition on ice cubes. Check it out over at The Smoking Gun.