February 6, 2012


Free Music: Gucci Mane Mixtape, The Shins & Nicki Minaj

Gucci Mane: Trap Back Mixtape
As if an ice cream tattoo on his face wasn’t clear enough, he now has ice cream cone neck bling: This is more than enough reason to download his new mixtape, which is his first new collection since leaving the slammer. [DatPiff]

Nicki Minaj: “Marilyn Monroe”
In this unfinished mix of a song (presumably) from her upcoming album, Minaj takes a cue from Elton and uses Norma Jean to wax philosophical about fame and loneliness. [PopCrush]

The Shins: “September”
The Natalie Portman's life-changing indie poppers are back and they haven't missed a beat. Impressively enough, this song is only the b-side. [RecordStoreDay]

Lil B: “I Own Swag”
Responding to David Banner’s 2011 grouchy old man-rant “Swag,” Lil B releases a sick musical retort accompanied by a hilarious no-budget video. [The Fader]

Miguel: “Adorn”
Ah, Miguel, you old smooth talkin’ so-and-so. When neo-soul this good comes out, panties will drop. [Prefix]

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs: “Tapes and Money”
Early Depeche Mode-y synths with lovely yet laconic vocals. It's custom made for an impromptu dance party, and proof that you can do something old and still sound fresh. [Sound Cloud]

THEESatisfaction: “QueenS”
“Turn off the swag and check your bag,” this Seattle duo sings on a funky-jazzy joint that is as much underground rap as it is retro soul. You might have heard ‘em on Shabazz Palaces’ Black Up, but listen to their own stuff ASAP. [The Fader]

Frankie Rose: “Interstellar”
She was a Dum Dum Girl and a Vivian Girl, but now she’s a solo gal, dropping the shackles of earthly jangle pop for the otherworldliness of ethereal, spaced-out indie. [Stereogum]