February 27, 2012


Free Music: Arctic Monkeys & Full Magnetic Fields Album

Arctic Monkeys
Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys: “R U Mine?”
This “Next Big Thing” band never really followed through on their initial promise, but fans can at least rest easy knowing the Arctic Monkeys have grown up to become quite the kick-ass rock band.

Bruce Springsteen: “Wrecking Ball”
Springsteen previews the title track of his upcoming album today. And if one new Springsteen track for the last week or so hasn’t sated your hungry heart, The Boss will be playing Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this whole week. [CoS]

The Magnetic Fields: Love at the Bottom of the Sea
After the excellent, endless listenable single “Andrew In Drag,” I couldn’t wait to hear the Magentic Fields’ new album. It doesn't come out until next week, but NPR in its infinite kindness has an early stream. God bless NPR, that atheist liberal haven. [NPR]

Andrew Bird: Break It Yourself
NPR also has the full stream of Break It Yourself, the latest album from musical omnivore Andrew Bird. With a start this good, the week can only go downhill from here, says my inner Eeyore. [NPR]

Hodgy Beats: Untitled EP
This week in Odd Future news: Hodgy Beats, half of the duo MellowHype, has a free EP out, including appearances from Oscar-winner Juicy J and Flying Lotus. [Pitchfork]

Flying Lotus: [Untitled song]
Speaking of Flying Lotus, the turntable master has a new track out that actually is untitled (vs. being titled “Untitled”). He created it on the fly on a podcast while the hosts talked it up with adult “entertainer” Sasha Grey. Skip ahead to the tail-end of the podcast to hear it. [Pitchfork]

Belle & Sebastian: “Crash”
The Scots cover the 1988 alt hit “Crash” by the Primitives, which you may recall appeared in bastardized form in Dumb & Dumber. Just when you think Belle & Sebastian might have lost their touch, they do something like this and completely redeem themselves! [Paste]

Django Django: “Storm”
My vote for the best debut of the year so far goes to Britain’s Django Django, who mix a ‘60s sense of melody with hints of art school and a whimsical British weirdness. And don’t be surprised if they remind you of Beta Band—they actually share a family tie.

Lloyd Banks: “Jackpot”
This G-Unit member and 50 Cent pal neither got rich nor did he die tryin’, but he’s still doing his thing these days. [The Fader]

White Rabbits: Milk Famous
Great music from a band that should—and probably will—breakthrough to a larger audience with their latest. It’s a little like the Walkmen, a lot like early Spoon. See White Rabbits live if you get the chance. Full album on (where else?) NPR. [NPR]