February 10, 2012


Free Music: Chairlift and Das Racist Cover Beyoncé

Chairlift ft. Kool A.D.: “Party” (Beyonce cover)
Leave it to Australia’s Triple J radio to bring this music geek’s wet dream into the real world. Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek lends her pristine vocals to Beyonce’s 4 slow jam while Das Racist’s Kool A.D. muses about, “My rap album being praised in a magazine for rockaphiles.” We owe Australia for this one, big time. [Spin]

Bon Iver & the Roots: “Perth” 
Justin Vernon and Jimmy Fallon’s house band the Roots turned Bon Iver’s “Perth” into an eight-minute R&B jam on his talk show last night. This makes me think Sade should do a Bon Iver cover ASAP. [Spinner

Cassie: “King of Hearts”
Diddy’s protégé finally releases the full-version of her long-teased single. Sounds sort of like Norway’s Annie tailored to U.S. Top 40. [The Fader]

Cam’ron ft. Yummy Bingham: “So Bad”
The Harlem pop-rapper is in fine form but Yummy sings her hook in the octave of a nine-year-old boy. [XXL

Screaming Females: “It All Means Nothing”
I’ve often thought these kick-ass Jersey rockers were as close to Boston’s arena rock as they were Sleater-Kinney’s punk. That description sounds admittedly unlikely, but listen to their latest single and tell me if I’m not right. [Rolling Stone]

Troy NōKA ft. T. Coles: “Don’t Fall”
This studio collaborator of Chris Brown and Frank Ocean is almost too good at crafting a memorable song: The production is fab, but the too-slick hook is just ingratiating. [The Fader]

Dana Buoy: “Call to Be”
Akron/Family beat-keeper Dana Janssen’s solo project finds him singing like Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox but making music a little bit closer to Bow Wow Wow or Men at Work... in a good way! [Pitchfork]

Action Bronson ft. Riff Raff: "Bird on a Wire"
This Albanian-American dude from Queens gave up a culinary career to get into the already-stuffed rap game, but songs like this show he's got a lot of promise. [The Fader]