February 13, 2012


Free Music: Drake Joins Young Jeezy, Jay-Z on Remix

Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z, Andre 3000 & Drake: “I Do (Remix)”
Internet Rumors say Drake's verse in this Young Jeezy hit was axed from the original version, but considering this 2012 single has actually been circulating the web in some form since 2010, I’d guess it’s more likely this is an unofficial remix instead of an early version. Either way, listen and enjoy! [The Fader]

Domo Genesis ft. Wiz Khalifa: “Ground Up”
What do No. 1 hitmaker Wiz Khalifa and lesser-known Odd Future rapper Domo Genesis have in common? An undying love of the green… and we ain’t talkin' money. So much, in fact, that they’ve both released completely unrelated albums called Rolling Papers, but shockingly, this collaboration isn’t all that ganja-centric. [Stereogum]

Curren$y: “Soundbombin’”
It’s just a quick taste of Curren$y’s The Muscle Car Chronicles album/soundtrack which drops on Valentine’s Day. But what a kick-ass minute and a half! All of the music comes from an in-studio band instead of a computer, and this track is all the more relevant for it. Whatever “soundbombin’” is, Curren$y’s definitely doing it. [Rolling Stone]

Cursive: I Am Gemini
A full stream of this concept album about twin brothers separated from birth. At this point in their career, the Nebraskan rockers are easier on the emo whine and heavier on the clobbering riffs: No surprise, given they tapped a Mastodon producer for this record. [Rolling Stone]

Band of Skulls: Sweet and Sour
These Brits produce slightly bluesy rock through the lens of ‘60s garage—sort of like the White Stripes but with a much larger palate. Their inclusive eclecticism is on full-display on their excellent new record, which you can stream in it's entirety now. [Spinner]

Lambchop: Mr. M
Another full, free album! This country-folk band has been dour since the '90s, but I'll be damned if they aren’t exceedingly pleasant on their 11th album. Kurt Wagner even sounds like Cat Stevens on a few of these songs! [NPR]

Burial: “Kindred”
A new single (plus two b-sides) from the critically-lauded, enigmatic London dubstep dude. [Stereogum]

Killer Mike ft. Bun B, Trouble & T.I.: "Big Beast”
Plenty of forceful pith from all four over a warped sample of Public Enemy’s “Public Enemy No. 1.” [The Fader]