February 24, 2012


Free Music: Real Estate, The-Dream & Rev. Run's Rapping Son

Real Estate: “Exactly Nothing”
Real Estate are expert craftsmen of sunny, amiable indie rock, and this b-side is just as good as anything on their last album Days. For good measure, they also recently covered The Kids in the Hall theme for BBC. Buddy Cole would probably be flattered. [Stereogum]

The-Dream ft. Casha: “Kill the Lights”
The R&B smoothie has written another intimate bedroom classic with this slow-burning duet that not-so-coincidentally shares the name of his recently-announced tour. Even if it’s a six-minute jam, the post-coital regrets can last a lifetime. [Prefix]

Gorillaz ft. Andre 3000 and James Murphy: “DoYaThing (13-minute version)”
Yeah, it did seem kind of weird that you could put these dudes in the studio together and only end up with a four-minute song. So it makes total sense that the finished product was edited down from this intense 13-minute jam that sounds like 8-bit music over Gregorian chants toward the finish. It’s a completely random wrap-up, which is exactly what you would expect. [Stereogum]

Diggy Simmons ft. Jadakiss: “88” 
Why is a 16-year-old rapper so obsessed with 1988? Diggy’s nostalgia for that year can be easily explained by the fact that his father's signature tune, "Run's House," came out in '88. But his fluidity on the mic is actually surprising. It must run in the family. (Many apologies for that pun.) [AllHipHop]

Carter Tutti Void: “V3”
Nik Void of Factory Floor teams up with two of the industrial music legends who inspired him, Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti of Throbbing Gristle. Put together, they create pretty much what you’d expect when you mix droning mechanics with post-punk. Wedding DJs, take note! [Stereogum]

Rita Ora: “Party & Bullshit”
Hey, just because you have Jay-Z backing your career, doesn’t mean you can appropriate the title of one of Biggie’s songs—especially just for a slick, calculated party anthem like this. [Prefix]

Flosstradamus: Total Recall EP
Much like Schwarzenegger in the film of the same name, you may feel like your head is exploding on Mars after listening to this free EP from these two Chicago DJs. [The Fader]

Bruce Springsteen: "This Depression"
Another day, another new Springsteen track from his upcoming Wrecking Ball record. Truly sounds like this will be a step up from his last two albums, (which were still pretty good). [Exclaim]