February 21, 2012


Free Music: Santigold, M. Ward & More


Santigold: “Disparate Youth”
This new track from the artist formerly known as Santogold is a much more promising tease of her upcoming sophomore album, Master of My Make-Believe, than the previously released “Big Mouth.” It’s as lovely and fresh as that song was irritating. Listen to it right now!

M. Ward: “Primitive Girl”
Nothing against Zooey Deschanel, but it’s a huge relief to finally hear M. Ward return as a solo artist: This is the second tease we’re heard from his new album and it doesn’t sound like he’s missed a breezy, but still sort of down, beat.

Bruce Springsteen: “Shackled and Drawn”
Why did Springsteen decide to preview every track from his upcoming 17th album one day at a time? Why look a gift Boss in the mouth? Today’s offering sounds akin to the bluegrass soil he toiled in on We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions, which is a very fine thing. [Rolling Stone]

B.o.B ft. Ryan Tedder: “So Good”
This new B.o.B single has some alright verses and an instantly memorable sing-a-long chorus from OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder. [XXL]

Smiler ft. Lana Del Rey: “Spender”
Did you wake up today hoping that Lana Del Ray would sing a hook based on the showtune “Big Spender” for a British rapper’s track? No? Neither did we, but she did it anyway. [Stereogum]

Xiu Xiu: “Beauty Towne”
The restlessly experimental Xiu Xiu just barely manage to hold on to the melody here, but of course it’s that freewheeling, theatrical abandon that keeps them interesting. [Stereogum]

Rufus Wainwright: “Montauk”
Wainwright has always written music that sounds more like the carefully constructed tunes of Cole Porter than the confessional folk of his father Loudon—but with a soaring voice like his, even the old-fashioned styling of Tin Pan Alley sounds relevant. [Stereogum]

Ceremony: “Adult”
Hardcore punk from California presided over by a droning, PiL-esque frontman. [Pitchfork]