February 9, 2012


Free Music: John Legend Guests on New Track & More

Stacy Barthe ft. John Legend: “No Strings Attached
Barthe wrote Rihanna’s “Cheers (Drink to That)” and her first bid for solo artist attention boasts none-other-than John Legend and a beguiling island groove.  

Battles: “White Electric (Shabazz Palaces Remix)”
The Seattle hip-hop collective remixes—and nearly reinvents— the propulsive track from experimental New York rockers Battles. But they do keep the steel drum. 

Bei Maejor ft. Waka Flocka:Lights Down Low”
This Grammy-nominated R&B crooner—who should and probably will be more famous—gets Waka Flocka to add some stomping bravado to this seductive jam.  

Big Baby Ghandi: “Hi It’s Me, Baby
A deliriously funny and biting rap-rant in the style of Biz Markie. 

K-Holes: “Rats
This Brooklyn band features former members of Black Lips and Golden Triangle, and creates a wild rock mess akin to the second half of the Stooges’ Fun House. Awesome.

Dream Continuum:B Free
One half of this duo writes some of the interstitial music you hear on Adult Swim. If you like that well enough, check out this glitchy dance track.

Don Trip: “Like Me
“I don’t give a f—k if you don’t like me" sneers this rapper. Whew! What a relief. Because I don’t.