February 22, 2012


Free Music: Springsteen, J. Cole & More

Columbia Records
Columbia Records

Bruce Springsteen: “Jack of All Trades”
The latest peek from the Boss’ upcoming Wrecking Ball is the best thus far, both lyrically and musically. A man who’ll do any job to make ends meet but still can’t is the subject of this musical journey from a gentle Americana ballad to the searing, disillusioned guitar solo at the end. [Spin]

J. Cole: “Grew Up Fast”
The first new tune from J. Cole in some time samples an obscure, gorgeous soul tune called “Double Cross,” originally recorded by David Ruffin, one of the Temptations gone solo. Cole's verses aren't bad, either. [XXL]

Ester Dean ft. Nicki Minaj: “Gimme Money”
Great lyrics and message from fiercely independent R&B singer Ester Dean: “You can gimme money, but I’d rather have your time, because I got mine." After her smash-hit debut, Minaj naturally agrees with that last line. [XXL]

Lil B: “God’s Father” 
The social network master MC from California releases the title track from his upcoming mixtape, proving that you don’t need a fancy studio to meld old soul with relevant hip-hop. [XXL]

Sun Kil Moon: “Sunshine in Chicago”
Red House Painters frontman Mark Kozelek wistfully whines about tours and groupies not being what they used to be back in his ‘90s heyday. [Stereogum]

Crocodiles: “Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)”
Your indie summer jam arrives early this year! This new Crocodiles single marries a careening power pop tune to a joyfully fuzzy riff. This San Diego band needs to tour with Brooklyn’s Pains of Being Pure at Heart ASAP. [Stereogum]