February 8, 2012


Free Music: The Ting Tings and the Return of Luscious Jackson

Brendon Thorne
Brendon Thorne

The Ting Tings:Soul Killing
With the same attitude and an immediately familiar sing-a-long chorus, not much has changed for the Ting Tings since we last heard from them. Except now they use more rocking chairs (that’s the squeaking noise sampled throughout this new single).

Luscious Jackson:Are You Ready
Not to give a backhanded compliment, but I’m shocked how organic, funky and fresh this sounds, especially since they disbanded for an entire decade. It’s eclectic in that ‘90s sort of fashion.

White Rabbits: “Temporary
Crisp Brooklyn post-punk with slight touches of distortion and a near dance-inducing bass line.

Lotus Plaza:Come Back”
If Deerhunter’s lead singer gets a prolific side project, then why not the lead guitarist? Lockett Pundt’s gentle, Flaming Lips-esque solo music is worth a listen.

French Montana: Shot Caller (NY Giants Remix)"
The Bronx-raised but Moroccan-by-birth rapper remixes his own ‘hit’ to pay tribute to those giants of football... the New York Giants.

E-40 ft. Juicy J & 2 Chainz:They Point
With half-assed references to Thor and Jennifer Hudson, this clunker doesn’t bode well for his upcoming release.