February 15, 2012


Gabe Saporta Clears Up Justin Bieber's Poker Scandal

All it took was one innocent poker game with Justin Bieber for Gabe Saporta to inadvertently launch a Bieber gambling scandal. 

Cobra Starship's lead singer talked to FUSE and cleared the air about the Bieber rumors he accidentally started. 

Saporta and Bieber were hanging one night (why not? Bieber seems to know everyone) around a casino, but the internationally renowned teen star was too young to get in. So instead Saporta, Bieber and presumably other retired to JB's hotel room, where Justin lost $200 in a poker game.  

Now for a 17-year-old whose college fund is paid for 1,000 times over (not that he'll ever go), losing 200 clams isn't anything to worry about. But even so, Bieber maturely decided to quit the game. 

"'That’s it, I can’t play anymore man, I already lost 200 bucks,'" Saporta says, quoting Bieber. "I was like, wow, we respect that. That kid has a sense of restriction. Other people in his position probably wouldn’t." (I wonder how Bieber would have fared against Tobey Maguire....)

"I told that story [because] I thought it reflected well on him," Saporta continues. "But the media took it apart, and was like, Justin Bieber is gambling!" 

So let the records state: Justin Bieber is a casual poker player of sound mind and judgment, and not the gambling fiend some web rumor-mongers postulated. 

Now that he's put the gambling rumors he accidentally birthed to sleep, maybe Saporta and Bieber can get together for a wholesome game of ping pong in the future.