February 15, 2012


Cobra Starship And Mac Miller Flip the Bird

Cobra Starship and Mac Miller have a lot in common: They love the ladies and they enjoy flipping the bird at the drop of a beat. What other grounds do you need for a musical collaboration? Lead Cobra Gabe Saporta talked to Fuse about nabbing up-and-coming Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller to rap on Cobra Starship’s latest single “Middle Finger.” “The first time I met him was at the studio,” Saborta says. “I thought [he] was awesome and his vibe just totally fit the song.” 

Saporta also revealed the germ of an idea which he hopes will turn into their next music video for “1Nite (One Night).” He says it will show the hard-partying band going from school to janitor jobs to an early grave. But it’s not intended as a warning against the dangers of living fast, because the band will come back from the dead as still-partying zombies.

The moral of the story?

“No matter where you are, no matter what point in your life, rich or poor, even if you’re not alive, you have to live every night like it’s your last night,” Saporta says. Well, if this “live fast, die young, party dead” music video comes to pass, remember that you heard it here first.

Be sure to watch the music video below!