February 2, 2012


Genre Report: Ben Kweller Streams New Album & More

Kevin Baldes
Kevin Baldes

INDIE: Ben Kweller Streams New Record
Ben Kweller, former 14-year-old rock star, has parted ways with ATO Records and set up a new label called The Noise Company, which will release his forthcoming album Go Fly a Kite next week. Rolling Stone's got the stream of deeply personal roots rock jams reminiscent of his early solo work. [RS]

R&B: Legend Sings "Ordinary People" as "Extraordinary Tebow"
John Legend's not a religious guy, but he must really worship Tim Tebow. The singer went on ESPN's First Take yesterday to perform a version of his song "Ordinary People" rewritten as "Extraordinary Tebow". Legend changes the rest of the song's lyrics too, riffing on Tebow's on-field performance, the nation's fascination with him and the hosts' coverage of Tebow. It's weird, but, ummm... definitely straight from the heart! [Prefix]

COUNTRY: Vince Gill, Honorary Narcotics Officer
Vince Gill is a Country Hall of Famer, the husband of "Baby Baby" singer Amy Grant and now an honorary narcotics officer in a meth-plagued town in southeastern Tennessee. The McMinn County Sheriff's Office deputized Gill because of his "outstanding character," and Gill's statement that if "I [had ever used drugs], my daddy would have killed me." But Gill probably won't be busting down doors anytime soon: his role is mostly ceremonial. [The Boot]

HIP HOP: Raekwon: "Solo Careers Hurt Wu-Tang"
Raekwon, Wu-Tang Clan member and the man behind the massively influential 1995 solo record Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, sounded saddened as he told Vlad.tv that solo records hurt the Wu-Tang Clan as a whole. "It kinda put us in a more competitive situation with each other instead of focusing more strongly on [Wu-Tang]," said the rapper. "We probably would've had about 30 albums right now." Damn. We missed so much Wu-Tang. [XXL/Vlad.tv]