February 17, 2012


Genre Report: Chris Cornell Stops Homophobe & More

Angela Cranford
Angela Cranford

ROCK: Frontman Breaks Up Fight After Hearing Homophobic Slur
Chris Cornell of 1990s rock outfit Soundgarden, who just last month got himself in trouble when he may or may not have called Kanye West "retarded," is on his way to redeeming himself: in the Alaska Airlines passenger lounge at Seattle Airport, Cornell heard "a man in a business suit" refer to another passenger as a "queer" after that passenger made a pro-Obama statement. Cornell reportedly stepped up to the men in the packed lounge and slammed the man in the business suit, saying, "You're a ****.You deliberately called him a queer to make him feel uncomfortable in front of a lot of people." Security came and asked the man in the suit to leave, and then Chris Cornell got on his flight to San Francisco to play an Obama fundraiser. [NY Post]

COUNTRY: Starlet Reworks Simpsons Theme
Alison Krauss, who has won an unbelievably ridiculous 27 GRAMMY Awards over the course of her career, embarked on a project that certainly won't win her another GRAMMY: she and her band, Union Station, just recorded a fiddly cover of the Simpsons theme song for the show's historic 500th episode. [The Boot]

R&B: 90s Icons Reunite to Perform on Late Night Show
Brandy and Monica, two R&B singers who've sold a combined total of 45 million albums, are reuniting and releasing their first song together in 14 years, and it's coming out on both of their forthcoming albums. The song is called "It All Belongs to Me" and it's a full-throated R&B jam. The two got together to perform it on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, with Monica performing in a custom Whitney Houston t-shirt. Check out Monica at 1:14, looking like she's "had it up to here" with something.

REGGAE: Man Behind Club Hit Drops New Acoustic Jam
Mr. Vegas, who put out the song "Heads High" that you've heard in clubs hundreds of times, is still recording music, including a new single called "Sweet Jamaica" that features Shaggy and Josey Wales. This video doesn't feature those dudes, but it's an acoustic version that sounds so much warmer and looser than the original. It's a great video for a really chilled-out song. [Smoking Section]