February 21, 2012


Genre Report: Rob Zombie and Megadeth on Tour & More

(L)Karl Water/Getty Images (R)Kevin Winter/Getty Images
(L)Karl Water/Getty Images (R)Kevin Winter/Getty Images

METAL: Two Legends to Tour Your Head Off
Rob Zombie and Megadeth, two acts guaranteed to displease your parents, are going on tour together for eight dates in May prior to their performances at the Rocklahoma Festival in Pryor, Okla. Rob Zombie just finished directing his sixth movie, The Lords of Salem, with the producers of Paranormal Activity. Now the film is in post-production, so he has some free time. Megadeth is coming off of their tenth GRAMMY nomination, so they must be feeling pretty good right now too. We think this tour is going to be loud, fast and undeniably heavy. [Blabbermouth]

METAL: Indie Hero Covers Late Metal Icon
Ryan Adams, leader of the rollicking alt-country band Whiskeytown before becoming a rollicking alt-country solo artist, is a huge metalhead, and at a show in Los Angeles over the weekend, Adams delivered a loving tribute to Ronnie James Dio with a cover of "Holy Diver." Although recording devices were banned at the show, one enterprising fan took theirs out and recorded Adams, bathed in red light, dropping a spectacularly heartfelt cover of Dio's dark, dense classic. [Stereogum]

INDIE: British Dance-Poppers Announce First Album in Seven Years
Saint Etienne, a favorite of critics the world over who were doing indie-dance about a decade and a half before everyone else (in the early 1990s), are about to drop their first album in seven years. The album is called Words and Music By Saint Etienne, which is about as literal as the title could get, and is due out on May 21st. There's no tracklist, but the cover art and first single, "Tonight," are out right now, and they're both very cool. [Prefix]

HIP HOP: Football Star and Beatmaker Team Up for Under Armour
Whoever is choosing the subjects of Under Armour commercials just scored an A+ in our book. Their new ad features Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton practicing under stadium lights to an AraabMuzik soundtrack made on an MPC in the announcer's box. According to Under Armour, AraabMuzik is Cam Newton's personal DJ, which is kind of weird because he'd already agreed to DJ the Fuse softball team's nighttime games. How could he do both? Are we gonna have to settle for Clams Casino? [Rap Radar]

HIP HOP: Kanye West and Jay-Z Bring 'The Throne' to Europe
Kanye West and Jay-Z, who may have argued over exactly how big their Watch the Throne tour was going to be, are bringing that tour to Europe in May and June. Additionally, they were both so jazzed about how the album turned out, and how the tour is turning out, that they may start working on a Throne follow-up for release next year. "I'm in 'Throne' mode -- we're in a great place creatively," said Jay-Z. "You might see a Jay, then Kanye, and a Throne album next year. We really found our zone." [MTV]