February 22, 2012


Has Chris Brown Earned A Second Chance?

It’s been a little over three years since Chris Brown assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna, and the two have clearly made amends enough that they’re collaborating again on two separate remixes

Hip Hop Shop producer Esteban Serrano addresses their controversial move in this week's Rap Report. “In my opinion, the mistake you make as a teenager should not warrant you ineligible for a second chance for the rest of your life,” Esteban says. He also notes that Brown “paid his court-appointed debt to society and has obviously won the forgiveness of the person most affected by his actions.”

Elsewhere in the Rap Report, Esteban gives Wiz Khalifa props for acknowledging his debut album wasn’t all it should have been, and he gives a shout-out to Philly’s promising rapper Asaad and his “Jumanji Flow.”

How do you feel about Chris Brown and Rihanna collaborating? Do you agree with Esteban that Brown should be given a second chance, or do you think he's getting off too easy? Tell us what you think below.