February 28, 2012


Hear Two New Radiohead Songs Now

Radiohead revealed two new tunes in Miami last night, entitled “Identikit” and “Cut a Hole." It looks like these songs are staples on their new set list, so if you plan on seeing Radiohead's current world tour, you better listen to them now or you’ll be the only fan not making a point to sing-along audibly as if they’d known these lyrics for years. 

“Identikit,” which you can listen to above, is exactly the kind of alienated electronics you would dream of in a new Radiohead tune. It’s also one of the most Radiohead-esque names for a Radiohead song ever. “Cut a Hole,” which you can hear below, is more gentle and inviting.

But be warned: Thom Yorke has his hair pulled back in a ponytail, and when he starts in with the staccato dancing, he brings to mind Tom Cruise’s character in Magnolia

Wait… Thom Cruise?!

UPDATE: For higher quality audio (but worse video footage), you can listen to Radiohead's "Identikit" here and "Cut a Hole" here