February 9, 2012


Listen: Jack White Lends Tom Jones Rock Cred

Marco Grob (Tom Jones)
Marco Grob (Tom Jones)

If you’re a 71-year-old Las Vegas crooner looking for a career boost, Jack White is your man. And, seriously, who doesn’t want to work with Tom Jones?!?! The two teamed up to cover bluesman Howlin’ Wolf’s track “Evil” for a new 7-inch single, set to be released on March 6 as part of Third Man Record's Blue Series. The song just dropped online, following its premiere yesterday on the BBC. Listen below (or over at Jones’ website).

White’s bandmates in the Raconteurs, bassist Jack Lawrence and drummer Patrick Keeler, both play on the track, which rocks, rolls, swings and grooves with crunchy blues guitar licks, saloon piano, a solid backbeat and a powerful horn section. Jones wails, too. It’s a big, big sounding song, no doubt rooted in the rhythmic foundation that is Lawrence and Keeler. 

Props to all involved for bringing this together. It makes you wonder: Who's next on White’s collaboration wish list? So far he’s worked with left-field names like Insane Clown Posse, Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien and John C. Reilly. Tell us who you want White to work with next in the comments below.