February 23, 2012


The LiNBA's Jeremy Lin Linspires Five Lincredible Videos

Ned Dishman
Ned Dishman

New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin, our hometown hero here in New York, has linspired probably hundreds of songs and videos, some with millions of YouTube views, about his linbelievable rise to stardom in the LiNBA. He's on the cover of TIME magazine, he turned down a linterview with Diane Sawyer, and tickets to his game tonight cost more than tickets to last year's NBA Finals. So lin the spirit of all that, we've assembled our five favorite Jeremy Lin-linspired videos. Enjoy!

Jeremy Velard - "The Mighty Lin"

The NOC - "Lin on Me"

Mark Safan & Matthew Haggerty - "Lin in the End"

Jin - "Nick of Time"

Phantastikorean, D-One and Inglish - "I Wish I Was a Baller Song"