February 26, 2012


Jim Jones Maced, Arrested After Diddy Party


Rapper Jim Jones was arrested early Saturday morning after a fight at Foxwoods Casino. The Dipset capo had just left a party hosted by Diddy when the fight began. Jones was maced by authorities trying to restrain him, with a state police spokesman telling the Wall Street Journal that the rapper was charged with assaulting a police officer and breach of peace.

Jones himself didn't seem too worried, though. The rapper took to Twitter, as one naturally would after getting maced and arrested, to write, "40k in bonds 1 night had a ball lets see [if] I can get [that] 40 back on [the] crap table wooord."

While it's still unclear exactly how the fight started, Jones calmed down his 2.4 million Twitter followers last night, tweeting, "This is gettin blown way out of proportion."

Check out the video below for footage of Jones' arrest in all its chaotic, camera phone glory.