NEW YORK, NY - MAY 10:  Rapper/singer Kanye West performs at the 2011 MoMA Party In The Garden Benefit Honoring Patricia Phel
Mike Coppola

We've already seen the epileptic seizures you can get from seeing Kanye West live, but, as 808s and Heartbreak proved, there's an Auto-Tuned softie in Kanye just waiting to come out. And when he does, as he did during a recent show in Melbourne, Australia, it gushes.

During his performance of "Say You Will," Yeezy went on a 7-minute rant in song that was both hysterical and confessional, detailing a text message-filled night with a female friend. "Now it’s like 3:30 and you tell me you’re on your way…Who you gonna listen to? Your ego or your d**k?," sings West, potentially writing his next chorus. Can we just coin these types of tracks "The-rap-y" to make it easier for everyone?

Listen to the whole thing below to hear the rapper discuss the chances he'll take for some female companionship, the only excuse a girl can have for not being with him and why New York City is still a dangerous, dangerous place.

Kanye West - "Say You Will" Freestyle