February 10, 2012


Will Kanye West Win Big at the GRAMMYs?

With the GRAMMYs coming up fast, there’s one perennial award ceremony question on everyone's mind: Is Kanye West gonna flip out again?

Even though Kanye has seven nominations—more than any other artist this year—his incredibly well-reviewed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album was already snubbed for a Best Album of the Year nom, so there’s a good chance he might be out for blood if anything else goes wrong.

To help peer into the future, FUSE’s Alicia Quarles spoke to comedian Sherrod Small and radio DJ Star about his chances of actually winning anything, and what he might do if he doesn’t go home with a shiny gold trophy. 

Small is convinced Watch the Throne will at least take best rap album of the year: “When you put Jay-Z and Kayne on an album together, that wins a GRAMMY." Star, however, claims he “threw [the album] out on the highway while listening” and would rather see a younger rapper win, like Lil Wayne for Tha Carter IV.

As for the likelihood of another 'incident,' Small isn’t worried: “The GRAMMYs aren’t the MTV VMAs. They have real security and will tackle him.” But to find out why Star thinks it would be better for the future of music if Kanye does flip out and lunges at Madonna’s face, you’ll have to watch the video above.

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