February 8, 2012


Lana Del Rey Cashes In on Controversy

Nicole Nodland
Nicole Nodland

While the argument over the merits of Lana Del Rey’s Saturday Night Live set, image, past, voice, talent, inflated lips, et al., rages on, the singer has cashed the controversy in for currency—her first album Born to Die has officially debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard chart. It hit No. 1 in six other countries, including Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria and the U.K., where it’s the fastest-selling album of 2012 so far (moving 117,000 copies). In total, it landed in the top 10 in 15 different countries. Wow. Take that, NBC news anchor and No. 1 Lana hater Brian Williams.

While you take a minute to process this, watch a funny, Hunger Games-styled spoof on Del Rey’s “Video Games” music video, which is yet another example of just how ubiquitous the Del Rey conversation has become.