February 6, 2012


Lana Del Rey Retires From Music... Already!?!

Nicole Nodland
Nicole Nodland

Well, this is sure to be as polarizing as the hot-button singer herself: In a recent interview with Vogue magazine [via Prefix], Lana Del Rey said that she will not “write another record.” Hear that? It’s the sound of fans sobbing, haters celebrating and the two fighting in many a comment sections online. But why, oh why, is Ms. Rey calling it quits one album into a career that’s blowing up larger than her mysteriously inflated lips?

“What would I say?” she told Vogue. “I feel like everything I wanted to say, I’ve said already.”

Which means that everything Lana Del Rey has ever wanted to say as a recording artist is contained on Born to Die, her debut album which is poised to hit No. 1 or No. 2 on the charts this week. Last week, it topped the U.K. charts with 117,000 copies, making it the fastest-selling album of 2012 so far in the U.K.

So, this news begs the question: Are you disappointed that Del Rey won’t continue her career (experiment?) by recording another album? Or are you relieved that this hack is finally putting her “career” to bed? Tell us in the comment section below.