February 1, 2012


Let’s Watch Cartoons!

Fact: Cartoons are awesome. Also a fact: M. Ward just makes pretty acoustic music. It’s just… pretty. Also a fact: 1+1=2 (or so they tell me). So, M. Ward’s new ditty, the soothing “The First Time I Ran Away” from his upcoming album A Wasteland Companion (out April 10), was given the cartoon treatment, and the result is an adorable little plot that matches (loosely) the song. 

The song reminds me of my other favorite M. Ward jams, like “Hold Time” and “Chinese Translation,” both beautiful in their own right. Director Joel Trussell, coincidentally the same guy that filmed Ward’s “Chinese Translation” video, also helmed the animated clip “The First Time I Ran Away,” which you should now watch, right now, below. Also, check out the “Chinese Translation” clip, since the two seem to star similar characters…