February 6, 2012


Madonna Beats Beyoncé For Twitter Record

Rob Carr
Rob Carr

Madonna's halftime performance at last night's Super Bowl proved that the singer is more popular than a famous fetus, but less popular than the game itself.

According to Twitter, The singer's 13-minute show saw an average of 8,000 tweets per second for five minutes—the site wouldn't reveal which five minutes garnered the Twitter explosion—and, at one point, was breaking records with 10,245 tweets per second. The singer broke Beyoncé's record set last year when Bey announced her pregnancy at last year's Video Music Awards, garnering nearly 9,000 tweets per second.

It was a short-lived victory, though. Had the game been a blowout, Madge could've added another record to her Wall of Fame. But given how close the game was—it came down to the last play if you missed it—her record was promptly broken, as Twitter users blasted out 140 characters of brilliance at a rate of 12,233 tweets per second.

At more than 10,000 tweets per second, did the world come to a consensus on her performance? Yeah, um, the Internet's not really good at agreeing on things. Mark Ghuneim, CEO of real-time online tracking company Wiredset, tweeted that the response was "Positive 59% Negative 31% Neutral 11%." The L.A. Times, using an analysis that "detects emotion in social media posts," noted the most commonly used words were "amazing," "great," "good," "best," "bad" and "hating." (Though it's unclear how many of those tweets were, "I am amazingly great at hating things," a common sentiment on Twitter.)

We've blabbed enough, though. What do you think? Was Madonna's performance "amazing," "hating" or somewhere in between? What was the best/worst part? How the hell did that dude balance on that wire? Sound off in the comments below.