February 10, 2012


Madonna Not Happy With M.I.A.'s Middle Finger

Rob Carr
Rob Carr

Madonna broke her silence concerning M.I.A.'s errant middle finger at last weekend's Super Bowl halftime show, chastising the singer for going against the message of "World Peace."

Madge called in to "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" this morning, admitting that she had no idea the rapper would flash the slightly subversive finger to the camera. "I was really surprised," said the singer, as quoted by TMZ. "I didn’t know anything about it. I wasn’t happy about it."

While the singer worries about transient, escaped stalkers, she told Seacrest that the gesture countered her simple and attainable goal of world peace. "I understand it’s punk rock and everything, but to me there was such a feeling of love and good energy, and positivity, it seemed negative. It’s such a teenager ... irrelevant thing to do ... there was such a feeling of love and unity there. What was the point? It was just out of place."

M.I.A. has yet to respond, but one thing we do know: You do not piss off the queen, especially when she's in her "World peace" phase.