Madonna 'MDNA' Cover Image

The second taste of Madonna's upcoming MDNA album (out March 26) hit the Internet today. Entitled “Girl Gone Wild,” it’s a throbbing electro track produced by Benny Benassi that sounds more akin to 2005's dance throwback Confessions on a Dance Floor than anything from 2008's Hard Candy.

How much you enjoy this new song will depend on your tolerance for Euro flavoring in your dance music. This song in particular has a strong club vibe, as opposed to the sing-along bubblegum of “Give Me All Your Luvin’.” I can't say I'm in love with it, but I get the sense it will grow on me with time. 

Madonna originally intended to perform this as part of her Super Bowl Halftime set, but Joe Francis—the man behind the Girls Gone Wild series—threatened to sue if she did so. Apparently he thought Madonna was trying to cash in on his trademark. I’d like to see whatever Venn Diagram this guy is imagining that shows a huge overlap between Madonna fanatics and the men who buy his DVDs. Either way, it does look like she changed the title from “Girls Gone Wild” to “Girl Gone Wild” to avoid any complications. 

What do you think of Madge's new song? Do you like it more or less than "Give Me All Your Luvin’"? Will you be checking out MNDA when it drops later this month? Listen to the lyrics video below.