February 10, 2012


UPDATE: Madonna Stalker Captured

AFP/Getty Images
AFP/Getty Images

UPDATE: Madonna stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins was recaptured by police on Friday. He was in Long Beach, CA. [BBC]

A "highly psychotic" 54-year-old drifter named Robert Dewey Hoskins, who spent a decade in jail after threatening to kill Madonna in the late 1990s, escaped from a Los Angeles-area mental asylum last week and is now walking free. Disturbingly, Hoskins was able to simply wander away from the facility.

Madonna's stalker, who has also made threats against Halle Berry, was originally jailed after he climbed over a wall outside of Madonna's home, jumped into her pool and threatened to slit her throat. He was then shot by two of her security guards. Hoskins apparently scrawled "The Madonna Stalker" in the cell he was put into after being apprehended.

Madonna testified against Hoskins in his 1996 trial, but even putting him in jail wasn't enough to discourage his psychotic tendencies: 12 years ago today, the New York Daily News wrote about how he was still obsessed with her: 

"Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Rhonda Saunders says Hoskins still presents a danger to Madonna based on a videotape of a prison interview with a police shrink and letters he has written to his family. Saunders would not disclose what Hoskins said on the tape or in the letters." [Observer/NYDN/Yahoo/Reuters/CBS LA]