February 21, 2012


Meet New York's "Crazy Piano Guy"

Every day, Colin Huggins lugs a 650-pound piano one long city block after another. He describes his pay as “pretty humble” and his hours are long, but his benefits include “happiness, freedom, and sunshine.” Welcome to the life of a New York street musician. 

For almost five years now, Huggins has been playing classical piano all around New York City, busking for a living and working on his own music on the side. He calls himself "the Crazy Piano Guy."

Fuse spoke with Huggins as he set up his grand piano for a day of ivory-tickling in Washington Square Park. “The exciting thing performing here for me is that I hit a very wide audience coming here and listening to classical music,” Huggins says. 

To hear what the Rolling Piano Man has to say about tapping the keys for dollars and cents—and to hear what he sounds like—watch our video above. And then be sure to check out his own song, “My Heart Belongs to You,” which boasts an animated video starring a hamster in a rocket ship. Naturally.

Colin Huggins - "My Heart Belongs to You"