February 9, 2012


Meet 5 Lesser-Known GRAMMY Nominees

Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett: Some artists are already so well-known that a GRAMMY nomination is really just another feather in their cap. But for those working behind the scenes of the music industry, a GRAMMY nomination takes on a special importance.

We talked to five of this year’s lesser-known nominees to find out what it's like to find out you're up for the recording industry's most prestigious award.  

"My husband and I walked to our computer, held our breath, looked at the list, and started screaming,” says Miss Amy, nominated this year for Best Children’s Album.

Kevin Killen, who is nominated for “Best Engineer, Non-Classical," already has five of the gold awards on his mantle. “Before you go to the show you think, ‘I don’t really care if I win or not,’” he says. “But as it got closer, I decided, ‘I really want that,’ and then, of course, I did win.”

Even so, being considered for a GRAMMY is an accomplishment in itself. “It’s getting the nomination [that counts],”says six-time GRAMMY winner Elliot Scheiner, nominated this year for Best Surround Sound. “Your peers thought enough of you that they nominated you.”

First-time nominee Miss Amy agrees. “It’s validation from great musicians. That’s cool.”

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