Muse in Studio - Feb. 25, 2012

How happy are fans of proggy hard rock trio Muse right now? 

The British band took to their Twitter page over the weekend to update fans on their upcoming sixth album, the follow-up to their GRAMMY-winning 2009 release The Resistance, which is due out later this year. Hard at work in a Los Angeles studio, the group revealed the inclusion of strings and horns on the yet-untitled album, tweeting...

"Just done some more horns with some legendary players!" and "Now some strings. This album is coming along nicely. Bring on the autumn!"

This news proves three things: 1. That Muse is almost definitely releasing their new album sometime in the fall. 2. Their rock star status has landed them some "legendary" musician friends, who still remain mysterious to us mere mortals. 3. You can sell millions of albums worldwide and make symphonic, technically complex music, but even millionaires can take blurry photos with their phone.

Muse in Studio Photo 2 - Feb. 25, 2012