February 16, 2012


Whitney By the Numbers & Deadmau5 Pranks Skrillex

It’s a bittersweet edition of Music/Nerd this week, with Whitney Houston’s unexpected death still weighing on our minds. 

Dan looks back on her influential career, from breaking the record for most consecutive number one singles on the chart (seven), to setting the stylistic template for the next generation of gospel-turned pop singers. Whitney will, as Dan so sagely puts it, "Live on in our hearts and our iTunes libraries."

 And as you probably noticed, the GRAMMYs happened this week, too! I guess Deadmau5 had a gut feeling Skrillex was going to beat him in all three categories, because he showed up with a ready-made prank that forced Skrillex to change his phone number. How? 

That question, and others you didn’t even know you had, will be answered by the Music Nerd above!