February 17, 2012


News Notes: D'Angelo's New Album Almost Ready & More

R&B Heartthrob Almost Ready: D'Angelo, the volatile star who hasn't been officially heard from since 2000's Voodoo, is almost done with his new album, and apparently he's been eating a lot of seafood and drinking a lot of smoothies while recording it. [MTV Hive]

New Whitney Funeral Speakers: Bodyguard co-star Kevin Costner and Houston mentor Clive Davis have just been confirmed as speaking guests at Whitney Houston's funeral in Newark, NJ, tomorrow. [Reuters]

Rapper Makes 'Honest Mistake': Travis Porter member Strap was arrested at the airport in Atlanta for carrying a gun in his bag on Wednesday, and another member of his group is swearing, "The situation was, like, an honest mistake... He just messed up and left it in his bag." [MTV]

Mogul's Own Website Turns Against Him: Russell Simmons, rap mogul and founder of Def Jam records, founded a gossip website called Global Grind, and yesterday, Global Grind posted pictures of Simmons' ex-girlfriend kissing a new man. Russell responded on Twitter, "i guess i just have to smile and breathe :) but, damn GlobalGrind...really?" We think the staff got Russell's okay, but maybe he's just putting on a brave face: :). [Global Grind]

Best New Artist Winner Says GRAMMYS "Self-Important": Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, the winner of this year's Best New Artist GRAMMY, has once again talked to a reporter to disparage the GRAMMYS, saying they're "self-important." [Spin]

Child Artist Nominated for Child Award: Noted R&B performer and underage kid Justin Bieber has been nominated for Best Male Singer in the Kids' Choice Awards. He'll go up against full-grown men Usher, Toby Keith and Bruno Mars at the awards show on Saturday, March 21st. [Nickelodeon]