February 7, 2012


News Notes: Justin Bieber's Bodyguard Whales on a Paparazzo & More

Bieber Said Knock You Out: Justin Bieber’s bodyguard face-punched a paparazzo who forcibly stopped the singer’s SUV. Why do you care? Because there’s video! [TMZ

M.I.A.’s Expensive Angry Bird: If the FCC won’t let NBC be, M.I.A. will pay the fee for her indecent finger, as per her contract with the NFL. Then again, the fine for Janet’s nip-slip was later dropped in court, so she may be fine and unfined. [TMZ]

Less Narrow Chutes: The Shins’ upcoming U.S. tour will find them playing large amphitheaters for the first time. They're so big now! And it seemed like just yesterday they were a baby band changing Zach Braff’s life. [Rolling Stone]

This Year’s Swimsuit Models: Black Lips will headlineSports Illustrated’s first annual ‘Beauties & Beats Fest’ in Las Vegas, the only FREE music fest with half-nudey swimsuit model standing around while the band plays. [Paste]

Don’t Get Carter: After missing the funeral for his sister Leslie this weekend, Nick Carter explained, “I wanted to be at my sister's funeral, but my family has always had a complicated dynamic.” Oh....kay. [E!]

A Wolf in Overseas Clothing: Kid Rock’s “Made In Detroit” clothing line is actually manufactured anywhere but in America, much less Detroit. If you can’t believe Kid Rock, who can you trust these days?! [Spin]

Child Molestation Charges: Peter McNeal, a drummer for Cake between 2001-2004 and a Norah Jones studio musician, has been charged with child molestation by the LAPD. [Rolling Stone]