February 9, 2012


Nick Cannon, Josh Groban Talk Jay-Z's Carnegie Hall Show

Hip hop made history this week when Jay-Z performed two shows at New York's vaunted Carnegie Hall to benefit the United Way of New York City and the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation. The venue is more accustomed to classical music than rap (though Jigga did bring an orchestra with him on stage), but Hip Hop Shop producer Esteban Serrano hit the red carpet to discuss the event with Nick Cannon, Josh Groban, Russell Simmons and New York Giant Victor Cruz. 

"Jay-Z's one of those people that...takes it to that next level and makes you think and makes you want to explore and take risks with him," said Groban. "As an artist, you can't not be inspired by that." Check out the video above for all the deets.