February 28, 2012


Norah Jones Gets High on ‘Happy Pills’

Frank W Ockenfels 3
Frank W Ockenfels 3

I’ll readily admit it: I’m a huge Norah Jones fan. I own all of her albums and can sing many of the words to her songs. She’s the only artist that both my mom and I like, and sometimes we listen to her together in the car. I am that dude. I also like Danger Mouse, especially his work withSparklehorse and Beck. So, like the union of chocolate and ice cream, I’m pretty stoked about Little Broken Hearts, Jones’ new album (out May 1) produced by Mr. Mouse. A new track, “Happy Pills,” further validates these feelings. Listen below.

It’s Norah in blues-lite mode, tenderly asking a lover to “please just let her go,” over a fuzzy-fun upbeat melody and some bouncing drums and bass. Despite the lyrics, there’s definitely a lighthearted, playful vibe here (she’s a master of turning frowns upside down, that Norah). Mouse’s dense production is in full effect, but never overbearing either. Great song. I think I’ll send it to my mom.