February 6, 2012


How OK Go Made Their Astounding Super Bowl Music Video

It premiered during last night’s Super Bowl, but in case scintillating sports conversation or gratuitous face-stuffing prevented you from actually watching it, the full version of OK Go’s new video is now online. As we’ve come to expect from these guys, their latest video is mind-boggling, unique and just plain awesome. 

Inside a Chevy Sonic, OK Go navigate a desert race track lined with instruments and stunt contraptions in the video for "Needing/Getting." For example, a retractable arm attached to the car plays a row of electric guitars, a stretch of pianos and a snaking line of barrels to provide thumping percussion. 

All in all, more than 1,000 musical instruments were spread out across two miles of desert and the whole thing took four months to set-up and four days to film. 

Lead singer Damian Kulash, Jr.—who took stunt driving lessons from The Fast and the Furious drivers to pull off this feat—told MTV that the idea actually preceded the advertisers' involvement. 

“I told [our director], ‘If you ever have a car company crazy enough to try something this awesome, then I have this idea,’” Kulash says. “Sure enough, Chevy thought it was a great idea and they came on board.”

It’s probably lucky the Chicago rockers did get some corporate sponsorship on this one: Even though they used thrift store instruments, the video wound up costing six figures. Kulash says that's the most they've ever spent on a video by far. 

That's probably true in terms of hours spent as well. "It consumed my whole life for four months," said Kulash. “We were out in the desert until midnight every day.”

Well, let’s hope they got a free car out of it at least.