February 13, 2012


Party With Stone Temple Pilots!

In 2010, SoCal alt-rock vets Stone Temple Pilots reunited and released a new album that, against almost all odds, didn’t suck. In fact, the self-titled LP—their first new studio release in over nine years—was pretty damn good, showing a quartet that sounded more grounded and mature, both musically and mentally. But, still, there are certain things that will always be a part of the STP DNA, no matter their age, and that’s hot model chicks and partying. Duh.

In the recently-released video for “Cinnamon,” one of the best tracks from Stone Temple Pilots, the band, now all in their late-40s and early-50s, bring an alt-rock reverie come to life. They lounge with models half their age in a picturesque California home, where they jam on guitars, play records and drink wine. Their pretty girls take photos on vintage cameras, laugh, smile and twirl in the street with bright red flares outstretched in their hands (natch).

Now if the rock'n'roll life was only this easy, and real life problems, like, say, cocaine, heroin, rehab, crashed cars, band in-fighting, divorces, et al., just didn't exist. For now, let's pretend they don't. STP are. Watch the video below!

Stone Temple Pilots, "Cinnamon" [Stereogum]