February 27, 2012


Chris Brown, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj Headline All-Star Game Concert

Bill Baptist
Bill Baptist

While the movie industry was busy patting itself on the back in Los Angeles, the sports and music worlds converged on Orlando Sunday night for the 2012 NBA All-Star Game.

Pitbull brought out Ne-Yo, Nayer and, unexpectedly, Chris Brown as part of his halftime medley, which included "Rain Over Me," "Give Me Everything" and the Brown-assisted "International Love." Brown also performed a shortened, Rihanna-less version of "Turn up the Music." I would've preferred Jeremy Lin laying down a Lecrae verse, but sadly, I have no say in these things.

Nicki Minaj surrounded herself with dancers clad in all-white for her pre-game performance, which included "Super Bass" and new track "Starships." In what was not in any way whatsoever a weird transition, organizers chose to introduce the NBA East All-Stars between songs. Whether this was a way to integrate the game with the performances or give Minaj time to switch wigs, we'll never know.

But the highlight of the evening was easily Lil Wayne's post-performance interview. Where do we start? The awkward intro? ("Somebody you probably have his album in your collection... you probably do.") The "Little Wayne" moniker? Weezy not knowing where to stand? The 90 seconds of NBA-related small talk awkwardness? The highlight goes to sportscaster Ernie Johnson, Jr., who adroitly noted, "Obviously a live interview here in Orlando." The subtext is deafening. (Sadly, no embed, but Deadspin's got the whole interview.)

Pitbull, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo and Nayer at 2012 NBA All-Star Game

Nicki Minaj at 2012 NBA All-Star Game